Wires hanging in the back of my head
About this Tumblr !

I'm a 19 years old young male. INFP. I'm boring, lunatic - or lunatique should I say, not the same meaning, different languages- and most of the time feeling quite lonely and self-depreciating.
Might have a lil' something broken in the gearings of my mind.
Self loathing, Nine inch nails, various industrial and hard electronics music from time to time, photographs (some are mines), a bit of art, a bit of landscape and architecture. Throw some MTG, video games and a bit of cyberpunk/sci-fi in it and this is mostly what my space on the interweb consist of.
By the way when the infinite scrolling doesn't want to scroll further or gets stucks , just reload the page in your browser ! As it often gets stuck from time to time...

My headphones fucking snapped in half, and I must say that’s the first time that something like this happens to me. I’m way more used to cables shorting out.


i’m still just really proud of this song it’s silly but i just love it

lately i’ve had the desire to start a lot of my compositions from scratch but this is one that i don’t feel like i have to do that with <3

Gone girl was such a good movie ! From Fincher to Pike and Affleck to Reznor & Atticus Ross, all of them did a wonderful job. Really a powerful and amazing movie. Thank you !


telescopic contact lenses
Moving faster

Shot By
Salar Kheradpejouh
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Heidi K. Bartlett
I almost died while trying to take this picture. I’m a shithead.

Constantin Brâncuși, Sleeping Muse, 1910

T [i] © V!V!D HD Photography  

A black spruce torching out on the Boundary fire, Fairbanks Alaska 2004.

IMG_6434 by trevor.patt on Flickr.

Sunshine in the sub alpine forest, tararua forest park