Wires hanging in the back of my head
About this Tumblr !

I'm a 19 years old young male. INFP. I'm boring, lunatic - or lunatique should I say, not the same meaning, different languages- and most of the time feeling quite lonely and self-depreciating.
Might have a lil' something broken in the gearings of my mind.
Self loathing, Nine inch nails, various industrial and hard electronics music from time to time, photographs (some are mines), a bit of art, a bit of landscape and architecture. Throw some MTG, video games and a bit of cyberpunk/sci-fi in it and this is mostly what my space on the interweb consist of.
By the way when the infinite scrolling doesn't want to scroll further or gets stucks , just reload the page in your browser ! As it often gets stuck from time to time...


Henrik Sorensen


Acrylic Element Cube - Bismuth - 50mm

green alley by Poagao on Flickr.

"Sanctified" Forum Karlin, Prague 11 06 2014



© Robert Huber

Jack Vanzet: Abstract 7